Ladies and Gentleman, We Have an Address!!

We are now the legal occupants of Suite #202 at 7375 E. Stetson.  We will be occupying the west end suite.  I am happy to report that it hosts beautiful southwest facing windows (think sunset yoga!) and has its very own bathroom for tidyness and simplicity.  We will also be neighbors of The Health Foodie, so expect yummy post-class options such as homemade raw honey soda refreshments and kale chips to boost your post-workout protein levels.

Monday morning, Stardust will be coming in to glean unneeded fixtures on the property.  They are a non-profit group that works with Habitat for Humanity, providing recycleable items such as doors and light fixtures to support their mission of providing high quality housing for all.

Soon after that, the walls come down!!!  I’ll post some before and after pics- I am so excited to see the process unfold!

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