Class Descriptions

Yoga 101 – A foundational course comprised of yoga basics, postures, and breathing.  Get a greater understanding of salutations and flow.  Further develop your knowledge while increasing your comfort, equanimity, and flexibility.

Groovy Yoga Series –  A series of classes that rotate weekly so you can get a taste of your favorites. The classes included in the series are as follows: 

  • 1st Monday  – Restorative: This class will help you get back in your groove with held, supported, therapeutic postures for restoration with adjustments, assists, and pressure touch.
  • 2nd Monday – Arm Balance Workshop: This workshop is geared toward those who are curious about arm balances (and even those who have never experimented with them). After a warming flow, we will workshop arm balances such as Crow, Headstand, and Handstand, and finish with a long Savasana. This is suitable for all levels and modifications are available. 
  • 3rd Monday – Yin: Ease your groove with long held, gentle Yin stretching with adjustments, assists, & pressure touch.
  • 4th Monday – Rock n Roll Yoga: Groovy Rock n Roll Flow that is vibrant with fun beats for an up-tempo flow, focused on various salutations.
  • 5th Monday  – Warm Flow & Pranayama:  While not hot yoga, the temperature is set at 80 – 85 degrees to quickly warm your body for a gentle, basic flow. Extra Pranayama that includes cooling breaths and lesser-used breathing techniques.

Gentle Yoga Therapy –  This all levels class will help you relax and let go, giving you the opportunity to stretch, strengthen, and move your body. The perfect end to your workday.

Funke Ashtanga –  An abbreviated version of the Primary Series including sun salutations, standing postures, balancing postures, and core strength building. Expect detailed guidance through a challenging, meditative practice; yet modifications are offered to make the series more accessible.

Therapeutic De-stress – This gentle-to-moderate intensity class targets specific joints and muscles to help us maintain our healthiest range of movement and address any existing tightness, weakness or imbalance. We weave Hatha yoga poses in with more calming restorative poses, providing every student with feel-good stretches, movements and strengthening exercises to improve postures. Hips, shoulders and other tense “problem” areas will never have felt so good!

Yoga Barre – This class offers a yoga flow as well as a chance to get off the mat. Blending aspects of yoga, ballet, and pilates, elongate your muscles and shake up your practice. 

 Funke Fresh Vinyasa – This is an all-levels flow class. Everyone is welcome – beginners and experienced yogis. You can expect a funky new flow each week with fresh jams playing while you move. Modifications will be offered for those new to yoga or those with limitations. Students are encouraged to explore their practice and find different variations of postures throughout the class.  

Feel Good Yoga – Start your morning off right with an all-levels feel-good flow class.  This class assists you in checking in with your body, working on the connection between body and breath.  Allow the balance of movement and rest that your mind, heart, and body crave.

Weekend Warrior – Weekend Warrior begins with a light warm up and moves through various standing and balancing postures. Opportunities for arm balances, inversions, and workshopping are part of this practice. Back bends, twists, core strengtheners and hip openers will be incorporated to create a full body workout.

Restorative Yoga– Get out the kinks and treat your body with our restorative class.  A series of slow, calculated movements will leave your body nourished and well-rested.

Baby and Me – Baby and Me yoga is designed for new parents of infants and young toddlers (under 3). Spend some time strengthening yourself and letting your little one explore the environment. This class is designed for all levels, and is appropriate for any new parent cleared for gentle exercise.

~Offered on Occasion~ 

Family Yoga – Come and get your weekend started off right! The class will follow a regular sequence incorporating poses parents can do with their children, poses children can do with each other plus relaxation techniques for parents and children. An open and playful attitude will be the best way to get the most out of this class. Not all children will participate each week and that is okay. Children are encouraged to bring a toy or two that they will share. Also, if you have your own mat please bring it, as we will have more than one member with each family.