Upcoming events at Funke Yoga


Glow, Flow, and Show Up for the holidays with your new yoga body, mind, and spirit during our six week yoga challenge, from September 30th – November 10th.


  • 6 Week Membership of Unlimited Yoga
  • Introductory Yoga Workshop – Sunday, October 7th 1:30 (Date Change!)
  • Weekly Challengers-Only Yoga Class – Wednesdays 7:00 pm
  • 1 Customized Yoga Private – build your own at-home practice with assistance
  • 1 Personal Health Coaching Private to support your individual dietary & fitness goals
  • Additional Fitness & Networking Opportunities (such as hiking, happy hour, or private Facebook page
  • $450 value for just $199! Payment option available



This is a CHALLENGE and we know you’ll be looking to be held accountable, so we’re asking you to commit to 3 yoga practices per week, attendance at your workshop and private lessons, all the while engaging your fellow challengers. Those who complete their challenge will earn an additional 2 weeks at 50% off!


Funke’s Challenge is aimed at novices, but all levels are welcome to deepen their practice!  We want to help you make positive changes in your body, coping techniques & lifestyle BEFORE all the stress of the holi-daze & year end.  We’ll delight you with a fun, non-dogmatic, non-competitive, team environment with caring, supportive coaches!


Please contact us with details about your interest and what you expect to gain from participating in the challenge. With limited space, we want to confirm YOU and Funke Yoga make a great fit for a successful Yoga Body Challenge!  Email so we can get you signed up!





HealHop Rowing is an new alternative wellness practice designed to heal mind, body and soul through a unique combination of motion, music and mediation.  All ages, body types and athletic abilities are welcome! Classes are Saturday afternoons, starting on the hour, from 1pm-5pm at the Funke Yoga Studio.  For more information and class availability call Brian at 480-433-3091 or check out our website at