5 trends that will shape family vacation in 2023

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Are You Planning a Family Vacation for 2023? Be Prepared! Family travel is rapidly transforming; from eco-conscious getaways to disconnecting with technology and unplugging from social media – family trips of 2023 could look quite different than today! Here are five trends set to shape family trips!

Trend 1: Ecotourism

Sustainable Practices: With increased global environmental consciousness comes an increase in sustainable tourism. More families than ever before are opting for eco-friendly vacations and accommodations that prioritize conserving water, energy use, and waste reduction as they travel. Sustainable resorts and destinations have grown immensely over time – leading the charge in ecotourism today!

Families now seek eco-friendly accommodations like treehouses, eco-lodges, and solar-powered cabins as a unique and memorable travel experience that aligns with eco-conscious travelers’ values. These options not only offer unique memories for all members of their party but also reflect eco-conscious travelers’ values.

Trend 2: Digital Detox Vacations

Escape From Digital World: With screens and social media occupying so much of our daily lives, more families are seeking an escape from its clutches. Digital detox vacations have become popular as families attempt to disconnect their devices and reconnect with each other more directly.

Tech-Free Destinations: Resorts and destinations that limit technology use while emphasizing outdoor activities have seen an upswing. Think remote cabins, glamping sites, and nature retreats that emphasize bonding with both nature and family as the key focus areas.

Trend 3: Multigenerational Travel

2023 will see an upsurge in multigenerational travel; grandparents, parents, and their offspring all coming together for extended family trips that foster lasting memories while strengthening familial bonds. This trend aims at making unforgettable family experiences for generations.

Plan Trips That Cater to Diverse Interests: When organizing multigenerational vacations, it is vital that they include activities and experiences suitable for each generation – this ensures a successful trip experience! Destinations offering activities tailored towards all generations are likely to prove popular with travelers.

Trend 4: Adventure and Nature Immersion

Seeking Excitement and Connection With Nature: Modern families are becoming increasingly drawn to adventure vacations. From hiking national parks, visiting wildlife reserves, or engaging in adrenaline-pumping activities – adventure is increasingly the core component of family holidays in 2023.

Off the Beaten Path Destinations: Families today are seeking unique travel experiences away from tourist crowds, such as exploring hidden gems or natural wonders.

Trend 5: Customized Experiences

Tailoring Vacations to Individual Preferences: One size doesn’t fit all in family vacations. Customization has become more prominent as families can tailor trips based on individual tastes – culinary adventures, cultural exploration or wellness retreats are just a few examples where personalized experiences have grown increasingly popular.

Travel Advisors’ Role: Travel advisors have become indispensable tools in helping families create unforgettable travel experiences, with expert guidance to meet everyone’s travel preferences and fulfill everyone’s wishes.


Family vacations in 2023 have taken on an entirely different dimension. From celebrating sustainability and disconnecting from technology to multi-generational trips, adventure experiences, and personalized memories – families now have an array of vacation possibilities that cater specifically to them – it all adds up to making 2023 an unforgettable year filled with unforgettable memories!

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